Blessed Assurance

I’ve had this curriculum called Blessed Assurance for several years, and about 4 years ago tried to make a go of it.

At the time, it didn’t work well for us, but 16 yo dd (Starlit) has requested to have more primitive skills & nature study in our daily lives, so I’ve pulled it out again.

Going through it, it is quite Christian.  That is easy enough to ignore or skip over, because most of the other information is excellent.

However, there are some problems with the curriculum.  As we work through it, I will post here what books we are using with it and where I feel the information provided is either wrong or could be improved upon.

Blessed Assurance is a personal preparedness curriculum incorporating an intensive living-with-nature study.  It is available at  It is *not* an independent homeschool curriculum in that you can hand it to your kids and they complete it themselves.  It is meant to be done as a family.

So, first up:  Week 1

We’ve added Be Your Own “Doctor” by Rachel Weaver for our herbal and first aid studies.  I’m an RN in my alternate life, and I like this book.

Projects & Activities #7)  I would add that soaking (cooling) a burn may take much longer than 2-5 minutes, depending on the severity of the burn.  Cool aloe (keep some in the fridge) works well to help with cooling and pain.  P 279+ in Be Your Own “Doctor” discusses burn care, as does the chapter on comfrey earlier in the book.  Raw honey works well as a burn salve — wait until the burn has completely cooled before applying it.


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I am co-creator of Wildwood Curriculum and passionate about making a Charlotte Mason homeschool accessible to everyone, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. Follow me at
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