How Medical Prepping Month 1 played out in my home

I have $80/month to prep medical supplies with.  A bit less than $20 per week, and sometimes it’s less.  We’re saving right now to buy a house, so I do what I can.

Since I already have a good supply of things on hand, Month 1 (wound care) didn’t require a lot from me.
Here’s how it played out –Month 1:  WoundsBooks:  I own Where There Is No Doctor and and Wilderness Medicine, and I think I have the Special Operations Medical Guide packed up in a box somewhere, so instead I ordered a book that’s on my list for a much later month (The Male Herbal)[this post was originally written last month, for my other blog.  When I changed hosts, I also changed the book sequence by putting Where There Is No Doctor and Be Your Own “Doctor” as recommended to buy before even beginning other preps.  I just bought Village Medical Manual, starting the beginning of Month 2. ]

I have a good supply of bandaids and other first aid products, so didn’t add there.

People’s Paste ingredients were ordered and the powder made up.  I found that powdering in my food processor didn’t work well, so off to the internet I went.  There I found an idea for using a flour (grain) mill.  Since I have one, I put the ingredients through it and sifted out those that didn’t powder.  I did this a few times, and it worked well.  I’ve since used the technique with other herbs to powder them.

I scheduled a well baby visit for the toddler and will schedule a dentist appointment for me today.  We are new to the area so we haven’t established either dentists or doctors yet.  If I like these two, I will schedule for the rest of the family.
I bought the gel capsules from my co-op (Azure Standard) and ordered the capsule machine from Mountain Rose Herbs along with the people’s paste ingredients.  I *love* this thing!  A few things — make sure you use the tamper to really tamp down those herbs in the capsules.
And when you put the top bit on and press down to combine the top & bottom of the capsules, don’t force it.  It should slide fairly easily.  If you’re having to apply a lot of force to the capsules to connect, shift the top a bit — don’t really jiggle, just shift it a bit while still applying some pressure — to get those capsules positioned right.  If you force it, some of those capsules won’t join and will just crush.  A sad end to your hard work.

I have a good amount of first aid supplies, so didn’t buy any there.  Same as Vet Wrap.  I bought a package of menstrual pads at Aldi’s.  We use cloth, so I don’t generally keep disposables on hand.

I bought 3 4″  Israeli combat dressing from Amazon, and as soon as dd is back from Grandma’s we will open it and play around with it as a family.  Two will go in the cars, one will stay in the house.

For the Fish — (we mustn’t forget to keep our beloved tropical fish healthy)  I shop at

Cephalexin  Look here for info

Got it, and put it in my “root cellar” — my under-the-stairs-closet that is semi-cool.


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I am co-creator of Wildwood Curriculum and passionate about making a Charlotte Mason homeschool accessible to everyone, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. Follow me at
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