Annual Handwashing Flats Challenge (Diapers!)

(originally posted on Blogger on May 22, 2013)

I’ve been handwashing diapers all week, with the diaper challenge here.

No washer, no dryer, only flat diapers allowed.I’ve learned a bit, like flannel diapers are great for longer periods of time (shopping days, nap & nights) but take a lot longer to dry than the flats I normally use.  My everyday flats are from Target, their Room Essentials flour sack dish towels.Do NOT get the Gerber flats from the diaper aisle.  They are less than half as big and thinner than even dish drying towels.  They are ok for newborns, but my dd outgrew them within 3 weeks of her birth.  I only use them now to add a bit of extra absorbency when we need it, as a ‘booster’.

Its been raining all week, so that has been challenging in terms of drying.  I had planned to line dry all week, but Monday and Tuesday that was a no.  I’ve learned that if drying indoors, it’s best to put a small fan in the room for airflow.  It helps the diapers dry faster.  If hung on the line, they’re dry in hours (when I lived in Arizona, in the heat of the summer the first ones would be dry by the time I got the last ones hung.  How’s that for fast?)

I use a “breather” hand washer, which is just a plunger looking thing.

I bought if from Lehman’s last year, and I love it for doing my handwashing.  I’m getting a blister on one hand, but it will callous soon.

What I’ve been using for supplies — Target flat flour sack dish towels, some flannel recieiving blankets that we no longer use, strips of fleece about 10×6 as liners (to make the poo easy to get off the diapers.  With a low-flow toilet, it’s harder to dunk the diapers than it used to be), diaper covers that I made from Babyville Boutiques patterns, diaper pins, and yesterday I just went to Ikea and bought 3 packages of burp cloths to use as diapers.  They are slightly smaller than the Target dishtowels, but more soft and, I think, more absorbent.

I use my diaper pail to soak and wash them in, with Dreft detergent and baking soda to keep the smell down during the day.

I currently have diapers hanging on the line, trying to take advantage of the wind before it rains again.


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