Blessed Assurance Weeks 2 & 3

Back!  That went a much longer time between Blessed Assurance posts than I had planned!

In my defense — I am homeschooling a high school student and also have a toddler, and we are trying to find and buy a house.We’ve actually done quite a bit more than 2 weeks of BA, but I haven’t been here writing about it.  We get through about 1 week of BA every 2-3 weeks of real time, since we’re using it as a fun add-on and not as our sole curriculum.

Now to the good stuff — Blessed Assurance Chapter 2

Discussion questions:
# 8 we added information from Be Your Own “Doctor” by Rachel Weaver, p 140-142.

We also read the corresponding pages from Where There Is No Doctor (Hesperian foundation) and The Doom and Bloom Guide to Survival Medicine.

#10  First Aid for Drowning, this is actually the Heimlich maneuver on an unconscious patient.  Dr. Heimlich has advocated for this use of the maneuver for years, but it has never been officially adopted that I know of.

#11  Again, added info from Be Your Own Doctor, pages 102 and 107.

Chapter 3

#5 Practice Proper Stalking — do an internet search for foxwalking and wide angle vision.  Some links (that may outdate)

#7 Uses of cattail:  We supplemented this info with that from Forager’s Harvest.

When we did these chapters, it was still quite cold out — plenty of snow on the ground — so it was book learning for the most part.


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