How Month 2 played out in my home

Buy a Book:  

general family medical books

I already have the AMA Family Medical Guide (got it at Goodwill) so I instead bought Village Medical Manual, a book that I just found out about last month.  If you think you may ever be in a third-world type situation, this is a great book to get.  It is for educated people, but not medically educated.  If you are clueless when it comes to medical things (the way I am with mechanical), then don’t get this book.  If you feel you have a decent handle on how the body works, then give it a look.


lavender essential oil
peppermint essential oil
bottles and droppers for tinctures
ashwaghanda (immune booster)

I bought 4 oz of cloves, and had lavender and peppermint essential oil on hand already.  I didn’t place an order from Mountain Rose Herbs so didn’t get the ashwaghanda or bottles/droppers.

To Buy: 

acetaminophen (Tylenol)
ibuprofen (Motrin)
naproxen sodium (Aleve)
Percogesic — original formulation — if you are lucky enough to find it

I bought extra aspirin and tylenol and decided to pass on the motrin and aleve this go round.  My dh is allergic and I ran out of money for prepping this month, so I didn’t feel that spending on something that doesn’t benefit us all was the best use of my my money.  Still haven’t been able to find the original formulation of Percogesic, but I do have a single bottle on the shelf.

At the end of the month (I’m posting a month behind, so this was actually my June month) we found clearance BC Powder at Goodwill.  I bought 10 boxes for $1.99 each.  My dh relies on this stuff several times a week.


Alcohol for tincture making (Everclear, rum, brandy, not rubbing alcohol)

I was hoping to be able to purchase more Everclear this month, but alas, ’twas not to be.  I used some of my Everclear on hand to make an Eleuthero tincture.

For the Fish –  (we mustn’t forget to keep our beloved tropical fish healthy)


got it.

Money didn’t seem to go as far this month as it usually does. I think it was the Village Medical Manual, because that used up almost half of my budget.  In my opinion, it was well worth the purchase price, though.

I also see that Doom and Bloom has come out with a 2nd edition of their Survival Medicine Handbook.  From the accounts I’ve read, it’s been much improved, so if you buy it make sure to get the new edition.


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I am co-creator of Wildwood Curriculum and passionate about making a Charlotte Mason homeschool accessible to everyone, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. Follow me at
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