How Month 3 played out in my home

Well, this was an interesting month, but not in a medical prepping sort of way.

We found out, after an ER visit (first time dh’s ever been to the ER), that he had 3 hernias and needed surgery.  We scheduled it for a week and a half later and dh has been off work since then.  He goes back to the surgeon in another week, at which point he’ll have been off work for a month.

Luckily, he has good benefits and short term disability through work, so we didn’t lose any income other than overtime.

What with the surgery and recovery and all though, I didn’t get the medical prepping done that I’d wanted.  I made no Mountain Rose Herbs order.  I did buy the fish antibiotic, nitrile gloves at Sam’s… and I think that’s about it.  I already own Herbal Antibiotics (a great book, by the way!), grapefruit seed extract, a neti pot, triple antibiotic, etc, so I’m not doing too badly for this category.

I may still pick up the contractor bags at Walmart ($9.97 for 18), but I hesitate to buy things that are easy to find but heavy since we may be moving yet again this fall.


About Marjorie Lang

I am co-creator of Wildwood Curriculum and passionate about making a Charlotte Mason homeschool accessible to everyone, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. Follow me at
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