Month 5: Focus on Colds & Flu

Buy a Book:  

Because I deleted Where There Is No Doctor and Be Your Own “Doctor” from the monthly lists, I have 2 free months (5 & 9) that don’t have anything slotted.  You have a few options:

  1. go back through the months and pick up a book you wanted but couldn’t afford at the time
  2. work ahead and get books from Month 6, then continue working ahead
  3. Buy flower/herb identification guides, or perhaps a good edible plant guide if you don’t have one (suggestion: Forager’s Harvest)
  4. Buy another book that applies to you or your situation (for example, those living in a Lyme heavy area may consider Healing Lyme by Stephen Buhner)
  5. Skip buying books this month and Month 9 and focus on building up your supplies

It is completely up to you, what you would like to do.  No pressure from me.


elder berries

astragalus root if you don’t already have it

yarrow for fever

ginger, honey, lemon for ginger tea (I keep ginger & lemon in my fridge all cold & flu season, just in case)


I hate cold medicine.  But I understand that if the SHTF and you have a cold or the flu, sometimes having that DayQuil is means the difference between getting things done and not.  Sometimes we just don’t have the choice to stay in bed to get better.  On that note, stock up on



Tylenol Cold & Flu, TheraFlu, or Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold & Flu, or the like

fever reducer for kids and adults in appropriate formulations

cough syrup (have I mentioned Buckley’s?  It tastes nasty, but it works)


blood pressure cuff  here’s one for $13 from

To Do:

Make Super tonic (Be Your Own Doctor p 316)

Make hot echinacea tincture if you haven’t already (Be Your Own Doctor)  but be sure to use echinacea angustifolia rather than purpurea (more effective)


read the appropriate sections in Be Your Own “Doctor”

Read about a natural cough syrup and the whooping cough here (scroll down).

Read about natural cold & flu remedies here, also paying attention to the articles on the right.

For the Fish — (we mustn’t forget to keep our beloved tropical fish healthy)


About Marjorie Lang

I am co-creator of Wildwood Curriculum and passionate about making a Charlotte Mason homeschool accessible to everyone, regardless of religious or cultural beliefs. Follow me at
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